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Who are you?

I’m an Atlanta based 30-something with big boobs. On paper I’m a lawyer-turned-techie (sales). More importantly, I’m a wife and soon-to-be mom.

Why did you start busDDier?

I’ve had big boobs almost as soon as I hit puberty. As a 6th grader nicknamed “Milky,” I recall awkwardly trying to navigate childhood with a chest far more mature than I was. The summer going into high school, I was a counselor at my church summer camp. We took a field trip to a water park and I remember the adults accusing me of seeking inappropriate attention because of the way my breasts looked in my bathing suit.

As an adult, the challenges are different. It isn’t always easy to find the perfect bra or button-down shirt. Online shopping can be tricky. My posture is terrible. My boobs now hang lower than I’d like. Underboob sweat is real. Exercising can be genuinely painful without the right support.

All of these struggles, or #bigboobproblems as the internet calls them, inspired me to start this blog. My aim is to compile the helpful information and options that I find and share it with you in hopes that it makes your search for the perfect bra/swimsuit/blazer/etc easier.

This blog is also meant to celebrate and inspire a body type that is often misunderstood, over-sexualized, and neglected. I know how it feels and it’s time we work together to change it.

What’s your body type?

Petite. I’m 5’3 with a petite body frame. My bust size fluctuates between a 34D/DD. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m a 34E. I realize there are women with cup sizes much larger than mine, and their experiences differ. I definitely plan to listen to feedback and try my best to capture options that fit the range of busty sizes from D-K cups.

How do you pronounce busDDier?

Busty-er. As in this blog is for women who are busty-er than most 🙂